The 'Reggaeton vs Dancehall’ brand has existed since 2012 and consists of 5 elements:

RvD Academy – regular workshops organized throughout the country.
RvD Camp – workshops in Poland and abroad organized in the form of holiday trips.
Parties – events promoting reggaeton and dancehall music – organized in clubs.
RvD Courses – workshops and teaching events for reggaeton, dancehall and twerk instructors to help them become better dancers and teachers
RvD Congress – the most important element of the RvD brand – takes place once a year, attracting thousands of participants.

Get to know the details of this year’s unique edition:

Congress ‘Reggaeton vs Dancehall’ – the 10th Edition –  is the largest dance educational event in Europe. It brings together enthusiasts of multiple dance styles, such as reggaeton, dancehall and twerk. Thanks to the cooperation with the ‘City of Dance Festival’ in Katowice, further panels in 2023 include Afro, Street, Fit, Woman and Latino. The tenth edition of the Congress ‘Reggaeton vs Dancehall’ will last 6 days and consist of three modules: workshops, parties and business. 

The workshop module lasts from Tuesday (April 11th) to Sunday (April 16th). It consists of ten thematic panels (reggaeton, dancehall, twerk, masterclass, basic, afro, street, fit, woman, latino) and a number of dance workshops lead by international instructors.

The party part includes evening parties on Thursday and Friday, in the climates of reggaeton, dancehall, twerk, R&B and afro. During the Friday party, the RvD Contest with dance battles takes place. The competition is conducted in the category of soloists in the styles of reggaeton, dancehall and twerk, as well as in the category of showcase for dance formations and groups.  The main party is on Saturday. At the main event, there is usually a great spontaneous style battle between the international artists and all the participants.

Business part – It’s an industry meeting combined with networking. Invited guests will discuss the most important aspects in our industry, ranging from agility to technology and marketing,  addressing fundamental issues in the dance business such as administration, legal aspects, sound quality and contacts. Expect conversations on topics related to our industry and  speakers with short presentations of best practices. After the meeting there will be time for networking and an after party.



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NEWS is a chat on whatsapp where we post all updates about the organization of the Congress and we help you find the information you are looking for. The chat is directly with the creator of the Congress, i.e. GM Event Designer



Hello my name is Grzegorz (GM Event Designer) and I am the creator and producer of the Reggaeton vs Dancehall brand. My adventure with RvD has been going on for over 12 years. I started it when musical styles such as reggaeton dancehall were not yet popular in my country. During these 12 years of work, I have managed to organize over 600 events promoting both dance and music in RvD climates. In more than a decade, I have managed to promote many dancers from Poland and abroad, but the greatest satisfaction was that I could create the coolest community of enthusiasts of these dance styles. The atmosphere during the congress is very positive – both relaxing and motivating. The 10th edition will be a summary of these 12 years of work.I hope you guys have a great time at the congress and make a lot of new inspiring friends, who help you not only to become better dancers but also grow as human beings. I know what it’s like to break through and go into the unknown to a foreign country. I also realize that maybe not all the information you need is available on this page. Therefore, I am personally at your disposal via whatsapp and promise to answer all your questions and help you get to know the world of RvD b



April 15-16 REGGAETON panel is a set of reggaeton workshops consisting of 12 hours of classes on Saturday and Sunday. This panel is dedicated to people who have mastered the basics of reggaeton and want to develop further. What tickets give access to the REGGAETON Panel? VIP PASS / OPEN PASS – give access to all dance panels at the congress (details in ticket description).REGGAETON PASS – gives access to the reggaeton panel as well as to the basic and fit panel.

April 15-16 DANCEHALL PANEL consists of 12 hours of workshops on the main weekend. The panel is aimed at people who want to develop their dancehall style and is intended for people who already have the basics in this style.What tickets give access to the DANCEHALL Panel? VIP PASS / OPEN PASS – give access to all dance panels at the congress (details in ticket description). DANCEHALL PASS – gives access to the dancehall panel as well as to the basic and fit panel.


April 15-16 TWERK PANEL is a block of dancehall workshops consisting of 10 hours of classes on Saturday and Sunday. This panel is dedicated to people who already know the basics of twerk and want to learn something more. What tickets give access to the TWERK Panel? VIP PASS / OPEN PASS – give access to all dance panels at the congress (details in ticket description). TWERK PASS – gives access to the twerk panel as well as to the basic and fit panel.

April 14 MASTERCLASS  This 5-hour-workshop will take place on April 14, 2023. Do not expect to learn any choreography on the masterclass panel. This panel is designed to focus on important dance elements and skills. As a result, you will improve your overall technique and become a better dancer. Tickets available on site. Holders of VIP and/or OPEN PASSES can participate in all workshops without separate tickets.

April 14 STREET 5 hours of workshops. When participating in the STREET panel you can practice hip hop and street ragga with our international artists. The Street Workshops add flavor to the RvD vibes. If you want to improve your reggaeton and dancehall skills, make sure to sign up for the STREET panel. Both the VIP PASS and the OPEN PASS give access to all dance panels at the congress.

April 14 WOMAN these classes are for ladies, who want to improve their female dancing skills. Learn how to express your femininity in dance and have fun with the best choreographers in the world! You can buy a ticket on the spot for the WOMAN panel. Holders of VIP and/or OPEN PASSES can participate in all workshops without separate tickets.


April 15-16 FIT is a block of 20 hours of fitness classes and the basics of dance workshops, which take place on Saturday and Sunday. This block is dedicated to people who like all kinds of fitness and enjoy a large level of energy. The panel consists of a fixed part of classes, which are: zumba marathon, reggaeton basics, dancehall basics, isolation, relaxation hour; as well as a variable part, which includes salsation masterclass, zumba masterclass, other forms of fitness and dance classes inviting the participants to learn a given style.


April 15-16 BASIC is a block of 20 hours of workshops that take place on Saturday and Sunday. The panel is dedicated to people who want to learn the basics. Most of the workshops are offered in dance styles of reggaeton, dancehall and twerk, but also, depending on the edition of the congress, there might be some hip hop, afro or Brazilian funk workshops.


April 11-12 CITIZEN  – 8 hours of free workshops for residents of the Silesian agglomeration and OPEN and VIP ticket holders. All classes will take place in the late afternoon / early evening. Free-of-charge registration will be available as of March 15th. If you purchase a VIP or an OPEN PASS, you can participate in those workshops without a separate registration.


April 13 AFRO 5 hours of Afro Dance Styles workshops. Tickets available on site. Holders of VIP and/or OPEN PASSES can participate in all workshops without separate tickets.



Four party events will take place during the congress:

12.04 – OPENING PARTY combined with a meeting. The event is free.

13.04 – INDUSTRY MEETING AND AFTER PARTY, i.e. a meeting of the dance industry, during which we will discuss technological, marketing, legal and organizational issues. Meet and greet international guests and talk about their experiences. There will be a party after the meeting.

14.04 – BEST DANCERS SHOW is the opening event of the main part of the Congress, where our guests present their skills. There will be group dance battles and animations. The cost of a ticket in advance is PLN 30.

15.04 – FINAL PARTY WITH BATTLES is the final event combined with dance battles in reggaeton, dancehall, twerk and showcase categories. During the event, we will select the best dancer from the winners of all solo categories. After the competition, there will be a legendary party until dawn with the best dancers in the world. The cost of the ticket in advance is PLN 30.

 PARTY PASS is a ticket that covers all party events and is in a limited edition.Pre-sale tickets are available below. The number of tickets is limited.

Dance battles – more information coming soon.



If you like big dance events and you have a circle of dance enthusiasts,  Reggaeton vs Dancehall, Congress X is the perfect place for you.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for dance promoters, i.e. people who have contacts in dance and fitness environments and through their promotion gather a group of participants.

For gathering a group of 10 workshop participants for the congress, you will receive a ticket to the dance panel of your choice. For groups bigger than 10 the prizes go up and may include:
– free OPEN PASS ticket
– monetary rewards
– backstage access and networking with the artists
For the best promoters, a paid stay is provided for the entire duration of the congress, a VIP ticket and a proposal for cooperation during the RvD season in 2023, including the RvD Academy, Foreign Camp and instructor training.

As every year, on the Basic panel, we give talented reggaeton, dancehall and/or twerk instructors a chance to perform on stage. Participation in the Congress gives you international exposure, thanks to which you can present your skills to a wider group of recipients and thus sail into wider waters.
FIT panel – gives you the opportunity to perform during the great FIT marathon on Saturday, April 16, together on stage with the main stars invited to the fit panel.

What do you have to do to get on that stage?

For gathering 10 participants, you get entry to the congress + the opportunity to conduct workshops on the basic panel (prior to exact verification of teaching and dancing skills). You will get a congress ticket based on the majority of tickets purchased by the group. e.g. out of 10 people, should 6 buy reggaeton passes – then you get a complimentary reggaeton pass. If you gather a group of more than 10 participants, an additional commission of 10% of their ticket value is an option to be discussed.

III THRESHOLD – 16.03 – 11.04


OPEN – 140 EURO 












Please transfer the final amount in euro to following bank account:
PL 96 1140 2004 0000 3112 0626 6045

And make sure to inform us about the successful payment by sending an email to
With your name (first name and surname according to your official ID), the title of the ticket you chose (the name of the panel you wish to attend) and with the confirmation of the payment (a screenshot is perfectly fine)

We will follow up with your ticket per email within 72 hours. Make sure to check your spam folder and do contact us, should there be any difficulties. We are here for you!

We are looking forward to dancing together in Katowice!

ul. Chorzowska 6, 40-101 Katowice

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