FULL PASS including access to FIT PANEL and BASIC PANEL 

FIT Panel — a panel consisting of 20 h of dance and fitness classes, which take place on Saturday and Sunday. At FIT panel you can expect diverse workshops including:

  • Zumba fitness marathons,
  • Zumba MasterClass with world’s leading instructors,
  • body isolation class,
  • workshops with basics of reggaeton, dancehall, salsa, bachata,
  • various fitness programmes based on dance,
  • Introduction of different dance styles and forms.

FIT panel is directed to people who enjoy variety of fitness exercise combined with dance, as well as those who want to have a serious dose of fun and boosted energy levels. Everybody is welcome regardless of age or sex.

BASIC panel — a panel consisting of 20 h of basic dance classes, which take place on Saturday and Sunday.The best specialists from Poland and abroad will teach you the basics including: 

  • reggaeton,
  • dancehall,
  • twerk.

BASIC panel is directed to anybody who wants to learn new dance techniques and understand the basics. During classes you can pick  basic steps and choreographies.