Evee Smile

Evee Smile

Dancehall / Francja

Evee is a  dancer/choreographer, dancer specialize Dancehall and urban dance style. She creates her own style, inspired by the hip-hop mixed in the Jamaican warm energy. Fascinated since her childhood, Evee comes from Guadeloupe (Caraibeean) and begins to dance in 1997 in Paris.

In 2004, she joint her dance education to the multidisciplinary school of Thony Maskott ,  where she learns with the biggest instructor, the foundations of hip-hop styles .

After, she did travel to get inspirited by taking intensive classes in the best schools in London, Los Angeles, New York, and  finally in Kingston where she fall in love of Dancehall Culture.

Passionated, since 2014 she studies dancehall and doing serials travel in Jamaican to understand this universe. She built her community in France call « Jamaican Vybz » and she is also the leader of the group the « Hold up Squad ».

Recognize in the top best dancehall « clash dancers » in Europe, Evee is more seeing in the underground and freestyle world. She is participed and won many big competitions , such as Juste Debout, Special Gyal, Dancehall Master world, War da killa, Dancehall International…

Evee improved her experience doing tour concert , as a background dancer, on a dance company, theater, video clips and dance battle all around the world.

Now Evee live in France , travelling around the world teaching and choreographing for ten years (France , Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden, French Guyana, Senegal, Romania, Belguim…) and she built up a good name for her self as a dancehall instructor .