The idea of ​​Reggaeton vs Dancehall is to promote reggaeton and dancehall culture by creating events and dance workshops with the best instructors for every budget and promoting values ​​such as: honesty, responsibility for actions and words, perseverance, determination in pursuing dreams. Through these activities, we want to contribute to the creation of places where enthusiasts of styles such as reggaeton, dancehall and twerk can meet, as well as enthusiasts of all forms of fitness based on reggaeton and dancehall music.


Reggaeton vs Dancehall Congress is a festival that consists of a workshop part, evening parties, dance battles and a business panel.


The workshop part consists of 124 hours of classes, which take place from April 9 to April 14. The main part of the workshops takes place on April 12-14, i.e. on the weekend. A detailed schedule of workshops can be found in the schedule tab. The workshops are divided into thematic groups, i.e. the so-called “Panels”. A panel is a group of classes with a specific topic included in the name of the panel, e.g. “Panel Reggaeton” – workshops related to the reggaeton style. This year, there are 13 panels available: Reggaeton, Dancehall, Twerk, Basic, Fit, Afro, Street, Woman, Masterclass, Vip, Kids, Salsa, Bachata. A detailed description of the panels can be found in the Panels tab. The large number of panels results from the combination of the Reggaeton vs Dancehall Congress with the Miasto Tańczy platform, which is responsible for the Woman, Fit, Salsa, Bachata, Afro, Street panels. Tickets for all panels can be found in the Tickets tab. Tickets for the workshops do not allow entry to evening events.


In the evenings, after the workshops, festival parties take place in the club. Parties are a very important part of the festival where you can meet not only participants of dance workshops but also people who like reggaeton and dancehall. Tickets for events can be purchased at the club on the day of the event or by purchasing them via the “Party Passa” website. Party Pass is a ticket that gives entry to all events and is much cheaper than individual tickets. There are a limited number of party passes. A detailed description of the events can be found in the Events tab.


Dance battles have been an element of the festival since its first edition. Battles are carried out in solo categories in the styles of reggaeton, dancehall, twerk and showcase (for formations). The Solo category is one-on-one dance duels. The winner of each style goes to the grand finale where he fights for the title of the best dancer of the Congress. The Showcase category includes duels of dance groups dancing reggaeton, twerk and dancehall. The judges evaluate the formation and choose the best team that put on the biggest show. Details and duel rules can be found in the Dance Battles tab.


The Business Panel is a new element of the Congress and its aim is to exchange thoughts and news related to technologies, marketing, organizational issues, etc. The panel will consist of a “speech” part, i.e. short presentations on a given issue, and a discussion panel with guests and networking, i.e. establishing contacts. business. More information can be found in the Business Panel tab.

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